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Mutual Aid: Gunny Edition

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Most of you have probably figured out the extent of my anti-statist tendencies. I hate the state with as much passion as anybody could really muster. This hatred drives me to oppose the state in whatever manner I can without initiating violence and therefore I’m a huge fan of mutual aid and like to practice it when opportunities arise. Low and behold I’ve found a gunny in need via Walls of the City.

A gun blogger I’ve not previously heard of (but likely gets more hits on her page and I do), Erin, is looking to purchase a handgun for carry. Unfortunately she’s strapped for cash and has asked for help. She’s looking for donations to help in her quest to obtain a Glock 19 and a carry permit in her home state of Florida.

Fortunately for her gunnies are generally generous individuals as she’s witnessed. So if you have some spare change lying around I’d say you could certainly do well in sending it her away. Arming a person in need is as good of a cause as any other around in my opinion.

Written by Christopher Burg

March 2nd, 2012 at 1:00 pm