The Fix is In

Everybody believes Romney is going to win the Republican nomination this year and I can’t disagree with that belief. Romney is the chosen candidate of the Republican Party and they want him to be the victor this election. What the media hasn’t been reporting is the fact that Ron Paul is running away with tons of delegates, news that the Republican National Committee (RNC) is taking note of:

The Republican National Committee is warning the Nevada GOP that if supporters of Ron Paul are allowed to take too many slots for the national convention, the party may opt against seating the state’s entire convention delegation.


The RNC is concerned that the Paul campaign will game the state-level convention this weekend that selects delegates to the national convention. While Mitt Romney should be awarded 20 of the state’s 28 delegates, based on his dominating win in the state’s primary, it’s possible that Paul supporters could exploit their strength in the Nevada GOP to get named to some of those delegate slots.

The national party is apparently concerned those delegates would then ignore party rules that would bind them to vote for Romney on the first round of balloting.

Did you get that? If Ron Paul ends up winning too many seats in Nevada the RNC may simply refuse to seat the entire state during the national convention. Their excuse that the Paul delegates may refuse to play by the rules is feeble at best. If that’s a concern the RNC should refuse to seat any delegates from states that were won by Santorum since their disgruntlement over losing their candidate may cause them to not play by the rules.

Either way the RNC has made an ultimatum, send Romney delegates or we’re not going to count your state. You know what? I hope Ron Paul wins Nevada and the RNC refuses to seat the state’s delegates at the national convention. As a Ron Paul supporter this may sounds like a weird thing to hope for but such an action would, more than anything else, demonstrate the irrelevance of member input in the Republican Party. It would show that the RNC doesn’t care what the members want and will go to any lengths to ensure the RNC favored candidates receive nominations. Perhaps such an action would finally wake enough members of the Republican Party up and cause them to leave. Obviously the completely brainwashed party supporters wouldn’t leave regardless but I don’t want everybody to leave, just enough to rip the Republican Party’s teeth out and possibly create a new viable party.

At this point I really want to see the Republican Party burn. I’m not a fan of hypocrites and the Republican Party are some of the biggest hypocrites of all. They promise small government, fiscal conservativeness, and free markets but deliver huge government, major debt spending, and heavily regulated markets. At least the Democratic Party is honest when they promise government programs, regulated markets, and forced association (which they like to call integration). The Republican Party promises good and deliver evil while the Democratic Party promises evil and actually delivers evil, one point to the Democratic Party for honesty.

Unfortunately people continue to feed the Republican Party because they believe it’s less evil than the Democratic Party. Guess what? It’s not. The Republican Party is willing to disqualify delegates if those delegates don’t deliver the desired result. Why doesn’t the RNC just admit to its dictatorial aspirations and start appointing a candidate without the delegate process? At least that would be honest.