I Hate Being Right Sometimes

I did say I wasn’t a fan of Rand Paul:

Another common theory being put forth by those desperately trying to continue believing in the campaign is that the way is merely being paved for Rand Paul’s run next election cycle. To that I say woopty fucking doo. I’m not a big fan of Rand. Many neocons will claim they like Rand better than his father because Rand makes sense. For the same reasons neocons like Rand I don’t. If the master plan has been to pave the way for Rand then I’m sorry I had any involvement in this campaign.

It appears as though my concerns were justified:

That’s right, Rand Paul just endorsed Mitt Romney. This didn’t surprise me at all, Rand has always struck me as a man who wanted the ring. His rhetoric has been very neocon and I haven’t heard him say much about actual liberty.

While I should be mad about this announcement I’m actually kind of happy it happened, and not because it proves I was right about Rand. The aftermath of this announcement has been nothing short of amazing. Many of my friends in the liberty movement are pissed. They spent their time and money getting Rand Paul elected and now he’s gone and stuck a knife in their backs. This appears to be waking them up to the reality of politics and they’re looking for another way to achieve liberty, a way where they don’t face the constant threat of being betrayed by politicians. This may be one of the most effective agorism recruiting videos ever produced.

One thought on “I Hate Being Right Sometimes”

  1. Rand has to endorse Romney to get a shot at it in 2016 (I am still assuming Romney loses this year). That being said I don’t think a lot of the Ron Paul people will vote Romney (I sure as hell won’t nor will my wife).

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