Gun for Me, Not for You

Gun control advocates can be a fickle bunch. On the one hand they claim to want peace but then they turn around and advocate murder. This brings use to another characteristic of gun control advocates that I find disturbing, their claimed opposition to violence disappears whenever violence will promote their agenda. The vast majority of gun control advocates are statists. Their agenda isn’t so much eliminating gun violence as granting the state absolute power. Through an absolute state statists desire to create the perfect society. Unfortunately their idea of a perfect society doesn’t involve individual freedom, it involves obedience to masters. If there were no armed individuals the state would be free to redistribute all wealth, force individuals to pay for universal healthcare systems, regulate away any product that may be in the slightest bit dangerous, eliminate pollution, and kill anybody who stood in the way of such “progress.”

Expectedly statists are myopic, they can’t see the logical conclusion to what they advocate. Statists usually see themselves as part of the state, the ruling class. What they don’t seem to understand is that they will be relegated to subservience with the rest of us “uneducated” scum. For you see the average statist isn’t currently part of the ruling class and the ruling class isn’t apt to let new members join their ranks. To quote George Carlin, “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it.” Instead the average statist is, to borrow a once popular phrase, a useful idiot. They are the suckers who invest their time, money, and labor transferring power from the people to the state. Once the state has complete authority, once these low level statists are no longer useful, they will be discarded. It’s true, some of them may be allowed to hold low level positions within the state but they will still be subjected to the same terror as everybody else not in the upper echelons.

We’ve seen the logical conclusion of absolute statism many times in the last century alone. From Hitler’s Germany to Stalin’s Russia to Mao’s China to Pol Pot’s Cambodia history shows that absolute statism isn’t kind to anybody outside of the ruling class. Millions have paid the ultimate price when the desires of statists were fulfilled. In ever case people believe such atrocity would never happen in their country. People had faith that their rulers only wanted what was best for them. They learned very quickly that such atrocities could happen in their country and that their rulers didn’t care about what was best for the people. Those who did the footwork, the low level soldiers of statism, also learned that they were not giving positions of power but were treated the same as those “idiots” that stood in the way of “progress.”

Gun control advocates are frightening because they are statists, they want to strip power from the people, and they believe the ends justify the means. Violence is only deplorable when it’s not used to forward the cause of statism. Although it saddens me to see so many suckered into promoting the statist ideal I take solace in knowing that when I’m rounded up and sent to die in some prison camp they’ll be on the train right behind me.