Destroying Meat to Fight the Homeless

The state continues its war on the homeless. This time we state agents in Shreveport, Louisiana destroyed 1,600 pounds of meat that was donated to help feed the homeless:

A local charity lost hundreds of pounds of meat that was supposed to feed the homeless when it was destroyed by a State Health Inspector. But the homeless shelter says.. it was all a big mistake and the state is responsible — or at the very least, two state agencies seem to be in conflict. KTBS 3’s Keristen Holmes spoke with officials about what happened. Hunter’s for the Hungry is a program where sportsmen can donate any extra game they have to charity. The program is endorsed on the Louisiana Departmet of Wildlife’s website but the State Health Department says, they don’t recognize the program. In the meantime a local shelter has to spend more than $8,000 to replace the meat.

Stories like this always make me laugh when people tell me that the state is necessary to help people in need. While the state pretends to care for those with nothing through its welfare programs it continuously attacks those who have nothing. A common tactic has been to use local health departments to raid food shelves under the claim that the food hasn’t been tested and therefore may not meet nutritional requirements. Of course for those with nothing to eat nutritional requirements aren’t likely to mean a damned thing. To those people any food is better than no food.